Photo courtesy of Carrie Weston

Annie Castro, 10, and Payton Mayo, 10, engage in a fun activity during Spanish Club.

Spanish Club

      Perfect for students looking to relax after a stressful day at school day, the Spanish Club not only allows their members to socialize and participate in fun group activities – but also provides them with insightful knowledge about spanish heritage. To add onto their relaxed aura, Spanish Cub also requires no sign up process or strict membership rules. Not to mention, the presence of delicious hispanic food in every single meeting day. 

      According to the President of the Club, Carrie Weston, 11, “A typical meeting day would be: everyone comes inside and sits in Señora Ardalan’s room and I would have a craft ready. But before we start the craft, there will be food for everyone to eat. And we’ll have a lesson, about 5 minutes long, about the culture or craft we’re doing today.”

      This club also holds an interesting history. Before restarting this year, Spanish Club was also of prominence a few years ago. Carrie Weston’s brother, Jack Weston, Class of 2017, was one of the initial presidents of the club during his time at Westfield. Proceeding his graduation, Katie Weston, Class of 2019, assumed the responsibility of presiding over the club. However, after her graduation, the club remained at a periodic absence – until this year. 

      “Last year I asked Señora Ardalan if I could start it back up again, and this year I kinda brought it back up,” Carrie Weston explained.

      Thus, by combining all these characteristics as well as the fact that there is an amazing hispanic food provided every meeting, there is no doubt that the Spanish club is the epitome of the most relaxed, yet educational clubs at Westfield. 

      TO JOIN: @whs.spanishclub20 on Instagram and Twitter


Westfield Minds Matter

      In this era of intense mental stress induced by schoolwork and social media, Westfield Minds Matters can be considered a saving grace for students. This new Westfield club stresses the importance of spreading awareness about mental health and starting conversations about important, yet taboo topics.  

      Previously known as the Mental Health Alliance, Westfield Minds Matter has since established a partnership with an organization known as “Our Minds Matter,” which aims to help teenagers struggling with mental health issues. This year, the club plans on meeting once every month, as well as during occasional bulldog blocks, and discussing events going on at the school and how the members are feeling at the moment. They hope to attract all types of different students in an effort to bring light to all perspectives present at the school, while also making sure everyone is respected and comfortable. 

      The president of the club, Nirvik Parajuli, 11, states, “My favorite part is when everyone is engaged and contributing something to the discussion, because then you can see a lot of different opinions and create a conversation, which is what we are trying to do.” 

      Additionally, Westfield Minds Matter requires no membership fees or application process – if anyone is interested, they can simply show up and enjoy their time there. They also attempt to make each meeting enjoyable and relaxing. In fact, a few of the meetings they have planned so far include a pizza party, rant session, yoga day, and cookie decoration. 

      TO JOIN: @westfieldmindsmatter on Instagram and @whsmindsmatter on Twitter


MED Club

      Designed for the students of Westfield interested in science and medicine, the MED Club has begun this year with hopes to bring their members closer to achieving their goals of working in the STEM fields. With the membership requirements being only the completion of five community service hours for underclassmen and seven for seniors, this club is perfect for all students hoping to get more experience working in STEM activities. Additionally, it does not require members to reapply during their second year and even provides chords to seniors!

      The main focus of MED Club is helping out the community by participating in science and medicine-based community service events.

      The President of the club, Kamram Zahory, 12, states, “My favorite part would definitely be being able to go into the STEM fields and being able to volunteer and help out other people.”

      One of the volunteering events the club has planned so far include teaching children cool labs by volunteering at the Science Center in Fair Oaks Mall. 

      Apart from when they are volunteering, the MED Club also holds meetings once every month. A typical meeting day would include going over new volunteering opportunities and participating in an educational and interactive STEM-focused activity, and then conducting a discussion based on medicine.

      The club is “also about education and development so we are always looking at ways to better develop our community and education our members on stem and medicine careers,” explains Zahory. 

TO JOIN: Remind code: 81010