Photo courtesy of Fred Ingham – delbray.com
Suh in action at a golf match.

      Golf looks promising this year, with experienced players leading them. They carry the same goal as last year, which is to advance to states.

      Danielle Suh, 12, said, “I hope that I can play well in the upcoming regionals, and if I do well there, I’ll have the confidence to play well in states.” 



Photo courtesy of Fred Ingham – delbray.com
The Cheer team performing at the district finals.

      The Cheer team is doing well this season. They placed second at districts, and are looking forward to regionals on the 29th.  

      Piper Serafin, 11, said, “We are just managing our time, making sure everyone can be at practice and working hard the whole practice. I think the team can make it past regionals if we keep our positivity and perseverance.”



Photo courtesy of Fred Ingham – delbray.com
The players running out ahead of the season opener vs. Battlefield.

       Varsity Football team is facing a lot of hardships this season. 

      James Williams, 11, team kicker, anticipates “a lot of wins and hopefully a state championship” this season.

      So far, they’ve been able to win their first seven games. Even with the pressure and workload put on the players and coaches, the team expects to have a great season. 


Field Hockey

Photo courtesy of Fred Ingham – delbray.com
Elisa Lee, 11, Rachel Ingham, 11, and Ayesha Zahory, 11, defend the goal on a penalty corner.

      Varsity Field Hockey team is doing good so far’ with a 9-7 record this season. 

      Ayesha Zahory, 11, said, “If we keep working hard, we can hopefully get a first seat in the playoffs.”

      Even with several injuries to their players, the team has been able to adjust to all the changes. They hope that they’ll be able to continue their streak and go far into the postseason.



Photo courtesy of Fred Ingham – delbray.com
Kirah Johnson, 12, hits the ball over the net.

      Westfield’s Volleyball team has so far achieved a record of 17-12, a considerable improvement over their previous record.  

      Kirah Johnson, 12, reflected, “After the way our season ended last year, it’s kind of challenging to bounce back… We use it as motivation to have a stronger year.”

      Team manager Peyton Metras, 11, credits the team’s current success in part to strong spikers and a formidable defense. Metras also praised the team’s propensity for fostering positive relationships. “If there’s a problem between players, if anyone lashes out, someone always steps in to calm them down.”

      Neeni Panyasith, 11, affirmed the team’s spirit of camaraderie: “We are all well-meshed. We work together really well and are all really close.”


Cross Country

      Cross Country is hopeful they can get to states, even with the disadvantage of being in a really tough district this year. But with all the bonding and chemistry being created throughout their team, they may be able to pull this one out through sheer determination to make it through this seasons district and win states.

      David Barron, 12, says, “I hope we improve as a team, [it would be] really cool if we made states.”