Everybody knows the American Education System makes no mistakes. Since virtually the school has made some choices that many people view as “great” and “useful.” One of the most popular and least hated things is the blocking of apps and sites. This includes sites such as  Spotify, YouTube Shorts, and also Cyber City. Since people loved this, I thought of an idea, we should block every site on the school computer. 

          Every single site includes: google docs, google slides, and Schoology. Who needs these sites? We should go back to the paper-pencil days. What are computers even useful for? The day would start normally. Except when you get to 1st period. In which there would be no projector and computers. It would just be paper. For the people in film study. It wouldn’t be too different as they just have to read the book instead. In the 3rd period, you wouldn’t have to listen to advisory since they can’t tell every teacher in the school what to teach. In the 5th period, let’s say you have journalism. This class would probably have the best reaction since you can put the paper in C Hall and everybody would get them. In the 7th period, most things would be exactly the same as the 1st period. On B days things would be the same mostly. Other things that might change a little bit. You would be able to use your phone provided you have data. Also, you would have to take notes for everything. Which means more people would have to buy pencils. 

          So if the school does block every single site on the entire site on the school computer, some sacrifices would have to be made, but in the end it’s the next great FCPS idea.