Having a favorite artist is very normal, and many people pay a lot of money to see them perform live. When you’re paying to see them, you’d expect them to put effort into their performance. Many artists have been shamed and ridiculed for putting on a bad show but, for some reason, the internet doesn’t seem to mind when Frank Ocean does it. 

          Frank Ocean is a highly successful singer with 26 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He was set to headline at Coachella in 2020, a popular music festival attended by many celebrities, influencers, and famous performers. Coachella being a music festival that is very popular. Many celebrities and influencers attend and people like Beyonce and Selena Gomez have performed there. Since Coachella was canceled in 2020, Frank Ocean didn’t perform until this year. As a headliner, it was expected that he would deliver one of the best performances. But he was outshined by almost every other performer there. People on TikTok were really excited to be able to hear him live for the first time in six years

          Many things went wrong with his performance, firstly, he showed up an hour late, and only sung three songs. California’s curfew meant that because he arrived there late he had to cut his performance short. Many of the concert goers posted how disappointed they were about his performance because he barely performed. 

          The disappointment from his fans had already begun even before the performance because his show was supposed to be live streamed so that people that couldn’t attend could still see the show. On twitter the day of his show it was announced that Frank Ocean’s show would no longer be live streamed. So when the concert TikTok’s started going up about how people were disappointed in him, weirdly enough his fans that weren’t able to go seemed happy about this. 

          Other celebrities would probably have been ridiculed but many people seemed to find this funny and seemed to support the fact that he put on a terrible performance for them. Many argued that it was unfair that rich and privileged people were gonna be able to see their favorite artist but they couldn’t. The only people that really seemed upset by his show were the people that paid to specifically see him.

          I think at first because I am a big fan of Frank Ocean I kind of agreed with the general consensus that those rich kids deserved it and that it was unfair that his other fans couldn’t see him but, I think about it and I think what he did was unfair. He knew what he signed up for when he agreed to perform at Coachella and just because people are able to spend 2000 dollars on tickets does not mean they don’t deserve to be able to experience what they were honestly rightfully owed. These people that paid so much are honestly the reason that he was able to make 4 million on that one short performance that he put on. If he did not want to perform then he really shouldn’t have signed up to perform at Coachella.