We started like most healthy relationships, going on dates, giving each other nicknames, hanging out, watching movies, singing songs together, and even matching outfits. Tyler and I would occasionally give gifts or do thoughtful things like getting concert tickets, shoes, gift baskets, surprise movie nights, cooking food, and making pastries for each other. But then that all changed when Tyler met a girl at college. She was a pretty brunette named Alyssa. She was a social person like Tyler. Once they met, they hit it off almost instantly. He denied having any feelings for her. They were becoming too close. I hated it; it made me feel sick to my stomach. One day, while on his phone, I saw something that broke my heart. I saw text messages between him and Alyssa. They were flirting with each other back and forth. Now, me being me, I went mad. I screamed at him, became violent, cried, and kicked him out. Before that, he admitted that he didn’t love me anymore. The exact words were, “You can’t even see it. You’re obsessed and delusional.” Once I kicked him out, I never looked back. I burned every gift, letter, stuffed animal, and Polaroid of us. At the end of the day, all good things come to an end.