“Alright folks, time for my personal favorite section of the show, where I don’t have to talk! Call into 888-777-6767 about crazy stories of your ex’s.”

         I only have to wait a few seconds before the phones start ringing. The vibrations shake the whole table. My producer, Quinn, quickly dispatches a random number to the phone in front of me. He gives me a nod before so I know when to pick it up.

         I answer the phone, “First caller of the day, what’s your name and where are you calling from?”

         A scratchy feminine voice feeds through the phone, “Um, hi, I’m CiCi and I’m from upstate New York.”

         “Ok, CiCi from New York, what crazy story do you have for us today?”

         “Ok well, um, so I was dating this guy for a few years before we moved in together. And it was going great. He was like a really good guy. But today when I was cleaning out our bedroom, and under the bed I found this shoe box. I never really kept shoe boxes, so I knew it wasn’t mine, and when I opened it…. It was a box of hair.”

         She was almost nervous to talk, most people who call in are excited to be live for thousands of people to hear, but this sounded forced. It was also odd that she was calling about something today, most people are years out from their stories.

         “Ew! I’ve heard about people keeping their ex’s hair, but that’s just weird!” I said.

         “Yeah… but it wasn’t just his ex’s. There were at least 30 plastic baggies filled with random hair, each one was labeled with a different name. And it wasn’t just a little amount it was like full chunks of hair.”

         My eyebrows shot up, I glanced at Quinn. He looks back at me with the same puzzled look.

         “I… I was really confused, so I took it to the police station, and they figured out it was hair belonging to all missing people from over the last two years. He.. he was a serial kil-”

         Quinn hung up the phone, I could see him in a nervous sweat. He motioned to me to take a commercial break.

         “Wow! What a prank call, and they hung up the phone without getting to the punch line? Well we are going to take a quick break to hear from our sponsors, stay tuned for more later guys.” Quinn pressed the button that took us off air as we both removed our headphones.

         Quinn was the first one to speak, “Damn, I told him to find a better hiding spot.”