Outer Banks (OBX) is a popular place. The Outer Banks is such a popular destination that there is a show named after it. When one thinks of a series named after a line of beaches, one would likely assume it is about surfing and boating, however, Outer Banks (the series) is about gold. This is a very questionable decision considering that the Outer Banks is a destination is a series of barrier islands located off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina. This coincides with my opinion of the show, it has many interesting stories but it has so many questionable decisions.

         Outer Banks has three seasons, all with 10 episodes each. Each episode varies between 40-60 minutes. The main characters in every season are JJ, John B, Pope, and Kiara. I think these characters have a lot of character development, and they are very defined. One of the most confusing parts is why the entire show is in yellow. I have tried to search this up, and the best thing I got was, “My guess would be to give it a dreamy sun-kissed look,” and that was from Reddit, so I don’t trust it. Some may be fond of this yellow tint, but I’m not.

         The setting of this show is not Outer Banks. It is Charleston, which is about the same. The show uses many boats to travel to different places every single season starts in a different place. I have examined it and saw that in some other places, the show is not shot in a yellow tint.

         In the 3 seasons, the show is shot, and the most interesting season is season 2. Which takes the momentum of season 1 and adds a new element. This show has so many plot twists and doesn’t waste its time on drama. Not in the second season which is why many people like that season. Yet in season 3, they decided to forgo all of that, with an introduction of 2 new main characters. They make more stupid decisions and decide to spend more time on drama. Every single one of the characters has a conflict.

         This show does give its opinion on how rich people are treated differently from poor people. It also shows the poor people vs rich people directly. Racism is not prominent in this show, but it talks about the hard work their ancestors felt.

         I think there are so many other shows on Netflix and just in general, and I don’t recommend this show, even with the hype surrounding it. Overall I give this show a 7 /10. I think the first season is like a 7/10 because it introduces the characters and has an ending most people would like, with the story developing slowly, the second season is a 9/10 since it held on the audience’s attention, but it also used some of the story they developed in the first season in a good way, and the third a 4.5/10. The third season went against most of what the show spent a lot of time preaching about. That miracles won’t happen to them, they are a team, and we would know everything that happens.