With about 31.1 million subscribers on YouTube at this point. Dream is a popular youtuber and he plays Minecraft. You would think that he shows his face. Otherwise how would people connect with him? He didn’t though. In fact on October 2, 2022, he finally showed his face. 

          “Dream overhyped it,” said Yash Karayi, 9.

          When he did his face reveal there were a lot of memes and a lot of supporters. Clay, also known as, Dream is famous for being a great Minecraft player. Dream has one of the biggest followings on Youtube at 31.1 million subscribers, which is 85th on the most subscribed youtubers as of October 6th, 2022 according to socialtracker.io. He is most popular for his manhunts. Last manhunt upload was 8 months ago. His most popular video at 116 million views was named “Minecraft speedrun VS 3 hunters Grand finale.” He was the Minecraft speedrunner. These videos have a simple plot. The 3 hunters need to kill the person who is trying to beat the game before they beat the game. These videos include Dream with his friends. 

          “I feel like these videos are the best that Dream makes,” said Kunal Singhal, 9.

          One of his friend’s and fellow famous Minecraft youtuber is Technoblade. Technoblade was one of Dream’s closest friends. Technoblade unfortunately passed away from cancer earlier this year. In a video with Technoblade’s dad, Dream said this, “him not being here for my big thing and that’s something that I wanted.” Another thing that Dream is famous for is the, “Dream SMP.” 

          “The Dream SMP is one of the better things that Dream has done, but I wish it was on YouTube,” said Chandresh Durisamy, 9. 

          The Dream SMP is usually streamed on Twitch. It includes very famous Minecraft players. Which only Dream invites. There are currently 36 members. The biggest reason why he is so famous is because he is the best player in the world. Which a lot of people can tell with these reasons. He also played in the Minecraft Mondays which was where he showed off his skills. Minecraft Monday is a competition where the best Minecraft players show off their skills with their 3 person team. There was a day where Technoblade and Dream played together. They didn’t win though, but Dream showed that he was a capable player. He wasn’t always the best player in the world until Technoblade died. Rest in peace. Dream and Technoblade had a ten round duel to 100,000 dollars which was organized by Mr.Beast. Technoblade won 6-4, but they split the money. Since then, he has been trying to prove his worth. Now he is the best player in the world. The smartest Minecraft player to play the game. That is why Dream is so famous in one sentence. This is Dream in two pages.