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A teacher instructing his class.

    The average school day consists mostly of students regretting their life choices when they wake up. The student then tries to think of some reason to stay home. Finally, after much distress the student accepts that they must go to priso- I mean school. But the one thing the student doesn’t realize is that another human awakens from its slumber: the teacher. Now, the teacher awakens and may experience the same feelings as the student, but their average school day is much different than a students’.

    Before the school day even begins, like most students, teachers usually drink coffee or another caffeinated beverage to help them get ready for the day ahead. Getting to school is different for every teacher as maybe they’re driving to school by themselves, with a sibling/family member(Or as I like to call them, “Back seat driver” I know because according to my brother I was one), or like students they take a bus. 

    Once they arrive, the school day truly begins and thus starts the average day at school. While students head to classes, teachers arrive around the same time. Some teachers need to start teaching right away, while other teachers have 1st and 2nd period off so they get an extra break.

Photo courtesy of pexels.com

    It’s easy for teachers to get overwhelmed because having an average of 25-32 different students per class can make you go mad(and we all go a little mad sometimes). That is why stress management is really important and as Gretchen Snyder, history teacher puts it, “Remember that students are children, Don’t take it personally if they don’t like your class.”

     The students head to the next class while teachers in the little time frame between classes try to start grading. Grading can be stressful, especially when students expect their grades to be as updated as possible, Mrs. Snyder says, “[I] try to grade papers between classes.”

    Once the bell rings, teachers prepare to teach everything they just did, again. Just like that, the day continues like it does everyday, there could be some difference like a fight in C-hall again or some kids doing some illegal activity in the bathrooms but other than that the day is the same.

    Then at 1:20 everything changes, students realize that in just one hour and 35 minutes they are free to wreak havoc once they enter their house and walk back outside(SR&R reference). For the teachers it’s more or less the same except some teachers could just straight up give up on the final class and turn it into nap time. Some teachers like to end with a bang, like a test. As a cousin of my bos-Teacher, Steven Turchin, film studies teacher, reflected, “I usually like to shy away from tests.” 

    At 2:55 the students rush out to go home like a pitbull when they see an unattended child. Some teachers stay after in case a student needs a retake for a test/quiz they definitely “studied” for. But after those retakes the teacher returns home and is finally free from the school day.