Every single sleepover I have been to included the phrase, “What movie do you want to watch.” Most of the time we say, “Marvel, of course.” That’s great, but which movie? A Marvel movie we like, but already watched? Or a movie we haven’t watched but is really bad? This is the simplest thing that explains the movies that are required to understand the timeline, and some good unnecessary ones. The timeline starts with the original Iron-Man. A very popular movie starring Robert Downey Jr. The next movie was forgetful. It was called The Incredible Hulk. It starred Edward Norton. The next time Hulk showed up in a Marvel movie was the Avengers, where he was played by Mark Ruffalo. The next movie after Hulk was the sequel to Iron Man. Many critics argue that this movie didn’t have a strong villain, and James Rhodes actor was replaced. His superhero name is War Machine. Thor came after Iron Man 2.  Thor was played by Chris Hemsworth. Thor was a solid movie and is not a must watch but a good watch. After Thor came the last movie of the “phase one,” of Marvel. The movie was Captain America: The First Avenger. This movie is a must watch, because it includes some important characters. It is a good movie so worth the watch. The next movie is the Avengers which was, 

          “Funny in some scenes and pretty decent,” said Hunter Knox

          The start of phase 2 starts with the movie Iron Man 3. The last part of this trilogy includes Tony Stark suffering from a problem after what happened in Avengers, “the trilogy started good and it ended a little bit worse.” According to TJ. From what I’ve heard from other people that do not want to be named, “was that the trilogy was held down by the villains and their origin story.” The next movie was Thor: The Dark World. Which is quoted to be the worst Marvel movie ever. Enough said, the movie after Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the second Captain America movie. It was a solid sequel and it is not a must watch, but it is a good movie. The next movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which is mostly a one time watch. After the Guardians of the Galaxy was the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was a great movie in a must watch. It is one of the best marvel movies. It introduces some important characters. After the Age of Ultron comes Ant-Man. Ant-Man is funny and starts the hits for Marvel as every movie after Avengers to a certain movie was all hits. 

          “Ant-Man was the better movie,” was a review from Akhil Angajala, 9.

          After Ant-Man was the movie that was a part of the Captain America trilogy, but many people do not consider it as part of a trilogy. It is called Captain America: The Civil War. It was not a civil war in America again, but it is a good movie. It introduces one of the most funny, smart, and iconic characters. After Captain America comes Doctor Strange. Who is one of the most important characters but this movie is an origin story and barely has any correlation to the story except for some characters. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 goes into the backstory of the characters and keeps some of the characters together. The next movie stars Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man. It only took 7 movies before one was made by Marvel. Spider-Man was a great movie which introduces a teenage hero who plays the role beautifully. 

          “I loved it,” said a senior named Drake. He was referring to Thor. Thor: Ragnorok was a movie that starred Chris Hemsworth and his new journey with some new villains. He made some new allies and it is one of the best movies of Marvel. Next came Black Panther starring the late Chadwick Boseman. He acted so well and he was fighting cancer. This movie is a great introduction to the strongest material on Earth and it answers some very interesting questions about the origin story. 

          The next movie is Avengers: Infinity War. Which goes without saying that it is a must watch and it is an unofficial start of a phase. There were only two movies until Endgame. They were named Ant-Man and The Wasp and Captain Marvel. They were not bad movies, but I would recommend Ant-Man and The Wasp over Captain Marvel. The last movie was Endgame. It is the 2nd biggest hit ever. Second only to Avatar. 

          “It was a great end to one of Hollywood’s greatest sagas,” said Harman Kumar, 9

          “It was good,” was a very carefully crafted answer by an anonymous person.

          The next phase. The phase not completed yet starts with the movie, Spider Man: Far From Home. This movie showed how the world handled the post endgame trauma. Also a very popular movie was the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Then came, Black Widow, which included  Black Widow’s backstory. It was a whole new adventure that introduced some new characters like Yelena. After Black Widow came Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This movie went a new direction from Marvel’s usual Movie taking techniques. It is a very interesting movie, for sure. The next movie was called Eternals. If someone told you it was bad, then they would be right. I don’t think this movie is a very good. Next came my favorite movie of phase 4, so far. This was called Spider: No Way Home. This is a sequel to the Homecoming movie. This movie is one of the best movies to honor the old movies. There are only two more movies to date. They were called Multiverse Of Madness and Love and Thunder. The first was Doctor Strange and the second was called Thor. The Dr. Strange movie is a good movie if you like horror-like movies, which isn’t a prominent Marvel technique. Thor was not good because there was only one plot. The movie didn’t show the villain’s strength enough as well. This movie was also confusing because Thor was though to be a trilogy.

          Those are the movies to date and all of them except Spider-Man and Hulk can be found on Disney+. Thank you for your time!