The Wacky Watchdog is a new column in which Watchdog staff reflect on the weirdness of our world, ranging from the lighthearted to the serious…

I find it mind-boggling that some drivers speed, weave through traffic, and cut people off on the road. Do they not care about skyrocketing insurance rates, or the possibility that they will hurt or kill someone and ruin their own life in the process?  Can they perhaps find another way to feel powerful?

-Helen Mondloch


I find it crazy that people genuinely believe that teaching kids that gay and trans people exist is child abuse or grooming.

-Kylie Love


 I find it rather fascinating how a character in a story can easily find its way into someone’s heart with enough screen time and care into their character, even if they are only on screen for a few seconds.

-Ava Salzgeber


I find it mind-boggling that soon I’ll no longer be in high school.

-Aidan Harris-Cross


I find it weird that DeSantis wants to get rid of Disney’s self-governing status, even though that means the Florida government has to pay 70% of Disney’s cost. xD xD xD. 

-Reet Bhangu 


I find it strange that you don’t ever own money, you just take your turn with it.

-Brooke Reede


I find it strange that Elon Musk spent 44 billion dollars to buy Twitter when homelessness and world hunger still exist.           

-Sara Keefe 


I find it strange that if you go far enough from earth and look back at it with a telescope you can see the Egyptians building the pyramids since images are light and light takes time to travel.

-Ahmed Aseid

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