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The Wacky Watchdog is a new column in which Watchdog staff reflect on the weirdness of our world, ranging from the lighthearted to the serious…


I find it strange that some people wear shorts in winter.

-Ahmed Aseid


I find it weird that competitive art used to be in the Olympics. 

-Reet Bhangu 


I think it’s so strange that an estimated 1-2% of people have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. That’s about the same percentage of people that have red hair. So you probably know somebody that has multiple “personalities”, and you don’t even know it. -Kylie Love


I think country music is weird. Like you enjoy rolling down your windows and listening to country? Odd. 

                                                                                    -Dayanna Corado-Hernández 


Groundhog Day is undoubtedly a strange tradition.

                                                                            -Aidan Harris-Cross


I find it weird that the “Balaclava” fashion trend is permitted in France yet they ban niqab and tell Muslim women what to wear. – Manal Khalid


I find it weird that people wear crocs.

                                            -Olivia Brown


I find it interesting that there are hundreds of languages that humans can use to communicate with one another,

-Sara Keefe


I find it strange that some people prefer to follow the health advice of politicians over that of medical health experts. 

                                         -Helen Mondloch  


I find it weird that Manal  Khalid doesn’t know there’s a west America. 

– Naysa Piper-Fisher


I find it mind-boggling that about 50% of married couples in America divorce, the sixth-highest divorce rate in the world. – Mai Tran 


I find it crazy that everyone has a different perception of what certain emotions look like

                                                                             -Anousha Chakrabarti


I find the associations we make to colors based on culture fascinating and really helpful if you are designing characters based in other cultures.

   -Ava Salzgeber


 I find it crazy that kids born in 2012 are turning 10 this year – it feels like 2012 was just yesterday for me.

                                                                                                                                                                   -Dipa Bhattacharyya

I find it weird that people spend thousands of dollars on a single outfit.  –Yousef Ahmed