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The Wacky Watchdog is a new column in which Watchdog staff reflect on the weirdness of our world, ranging from the lighthearted to the serious


                                              I find it so crazy that next year around this time I’ll probably be in a whole different state and completely done with high school.

-Dipa Bhattacharyya, 12


I find it mind-boggling that people think that social distancing, alone, will protect them, versus wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, and social distancing. They literally just completely ignore the 796,000 deaths, in the United States alone.  

– Naysa Piper-Fisher, 10

I find it interesting how people can be afraid of fluffy baby cows

-Olivia Brown, 12

I find it appalling that people refer to brave undocumented immigrants as “aliens.”

                                                                             -Dayanna Corado-Hernandez, 11  


                                                                                                                                           I find it bizarre that it’s rumored that Rihanna is pregnant with Asap Rocky’s baby.

 – Mai Tran, 11

It’s strange that Virginia’s legislature meets for only 60 days to allocate a multi-billion dollar budget. 

– Aaryan Rawal, 12


I find it weird that some Americans think you should only speak English in the U.S.  – Reet Bhangu, 9


I find it strange that society has villainized mixed breed dogs, especially those with Pitbull in them.  -Sara Keefe, 12

I find it mind-boggling that we have just started to get to some normalcy in our lives and now a new variant of covid, Omicron, is spreading. -Anisa Nur, 11


I find it strange that people willingly listen to Ed Sheeran. 

-Aidan Harris-Cross, 12

I find it weird that we have been warned many times about the damage we are doing to our environment with scientific evidence to prove it, yet some still believe that it is a political opinion or something to debate.  —-Brooke Reed, 12


I find it odd that constellations in the sky have different names, and zodiac signs have assigned personalities when they’re based off the stars we see every night 

– Anousha Chakrabarti, 10

I always find it strange when people complain about Pride month. They get upset that “The Gays™ get a whole month while veterans “only get a day”—even though veterans have two months, November and May. It’s like they’re just looking for something to be mad at (because they are).

-Kylie Love, 11


I find it strange that people can genuinely believe Democrats and different celebrities are part of a satan worshipping, child trafficking, cannibalistic global cabal.

-Ava Salzgeber, 12

How strange that when you look up at the stars, you are seeing heavenly bodies that in some cases, burned themselves out thousands of years ago. You are literally gazing at ancient history.   

 -Helen Mondloch, Newspaper advisor and English teacher