Antoncic and dance team preform at halftime show (Photo courtesy of Sydney Antoncic)
Antoncic and dance team preform at halftime show

Photo courtesy of Sydney Antoncic


October 27, 2021

          As the Westfield Dance Team prepares to begin their halftime show, they look up and their sight is surrounded by the bright lights and all they can hear is the roar of the dog pound student section. As the high kicks and melodic music begin, there is one dancer who stands out amongst the group and couldn’t feel more comfortable being anywhere else than in that moment performing for a crowd. 

          Sydney Antoncic, 12, is a co-captain of the Westfield High School varsity dance team and is no rookie when it comes to the world of dance. Sydney has been dancing ever since she was only four years old, and has been in love with the sport ever since.

          “ It will always instantly bring a smile to my face,” says Antoncic. Her journey has been an important part of her love for dance as she has grown not only as a person but as a dancer, perfecting her technique and learning to cherish every part of her experience. 

          Antoncic says, “ Ever since second grade I was inspired to be on the dance team. I have learned to cherish every step of the journey.”

          And that she has, between her dance team and co-captain experience, Sydney has had no shortage of exciting opportunities within her dance career. From traveling throughout the country to competing right in our backyard. 

          Antoncic reflects, “My experience on the dance team is more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve met lifelong friends, have the best coaches, and share the best memories. Every other year we go to nationals in Disney to compete against all the other high school dance teams.” 

          Though she has always been sure of her dancing dreams, there comes a moment in every athlete’s journey where they question their ability. It was the crucial moment of her dance team tryouts where her nerves could have gotten the better of her. Not only did she want it then, but her childhood self was also looking to this momentous occasion with hopeful eyes.

          Antoncic recalls, “I was super worried. It was always my goal to join the dance team… I wanted to fulfill my childhood goal.”

          Not only did Sydney complete her freshman year tryouts with flying colors, but she progressed so far with her dancing that she became a co-captain of the team. With this major success comes a large time commitment however, as well as balancing several AP classes, she was able to see the importance of finding her time management skills to properly balance everything on her plate. 

          Sydney stated, “ Choreographing and teaching dances is something I hold near and dear to my heart, however, it takes tons of time. Balancing leading a team with several AP classes I found myself constantly preparing for the future and doing things the second they were assigned. At times I find myself super overwhelmed, however, I keep my eye on the future and push forward.”

          Though she has faced many challenges as both a dancer and a student, Sydney has not let anything hinder her love and passion for dancing. She has largely evolved as a dancer, not only throughout her life, but throughout high school, she has shown immense growth in her dance dynamic and is now inspiring other dancers to reach their goals.

          The screaming of the crowd continues as the dance team wraps up their final move for the night. Sydney Antoncic stands proud on the field as she looks out onto the crowd, seeing firsthand how she has reached her goals and made her dreams come true.

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