Photo Courtesy of SignUpGenius (

Photo Courtesy of SignUpGenius (

      With only 15 days to plan, the prospect of Westfield prom was questionable because there was a lot of uncertainty due to covid. The class board sent out a survey to seniors asking what they preferred for a prom. The choices were a promenade, a virtual prom, or nothing. The majority of the seniors voted for the promenade, which is a public walk to be seen by others, so the class board had to plan for that with the limited time they had. 

      One of the students who planned this event, Junior Class Board member Rakibul Alam, 11, stated, “Time was not on our side, as we only had 15 days to plan and execute the whole event, but we all pulled together with our ideas to give the seniors a memorable prom.” 

      The first thing that needed to be done for this event to happen was to decide whether it was safe to have an actual prom or was it better to do something virtual. The students planning the prom sent out a poll to vote for either a “promenade” which would be in person or a virtual prom; the promenade ended up winning the most votes. Once the Promenade was decided, they had a total of 15 days to plan, prepare, and host this event. The junior class board sponsor helped with the organizing and planning of this event by splitting up all the tasks needing to be done between the officers. The other SGA students wanting to participate helped with bagging the goodie bags for the end of the event.  

      Caroline Paulin, 12, remarked, “My favorite part was getting the food and goodie bags.”

      Early on the day of the event, they put everything together in the school to make it the theme of the “city of stars.” This event still allowed students to dress up like regular prom, but it wasn’t a typical prom dance; it was a promenade. The whole event was designed as a path that looped around the school hallways. The theme chosen for this prom was “City of Stars.” The decorations included many black and gold balloons, shiny decorations, and bright lights. Upon entrance, there was a red carpet for seniors that led to the promenade. After the red carpet walk, there was a station for pictures with a polaroid camera, as well as a DJ and a dance floor that students could dance around on. As the seniors walked around the hallways in their small groups, they could pick up Bundt cakes and a senior swag bag. At the promenade, there was also a professional photographer that was taking everyone’s pictures in front of a nicely decorated background. In the end, there was an outside sitting area where the seniors could eat Moe’s for their dinner.  

      This event was successful because it accomplished the goal of being able to host a prom while staying safe. The seniors mainly enjoyed the many pictures that were taken and the treats that were given to them. There were some protocols such as wearing masks and keeping distance, but the seniors did not let those get in the way of them having fun in a safe manner. 

      A senior that went to this promenade, Emma Walkling, 12, reflected, “It was fun to finally see all my teachers and friends in person.”

      “The seniors were letting me know how much they enjoyed the photos and music and of course, the bundt cakes,” Alam revealed. 

      Many seniors that attended the event enjoyed it and appreciated all the hard work that was put into this to make their night special. 

      One of the seniors who attended prom, Summer Duba, 12, remarked, “My favorite part was getting a Bunt cake at the end!”.  

      Tessa Orwat, 12, reflected, “My favorite part was having fun with my friends for one last time at Westfield.” 

      Overall all this new type of prom was a huge success and they all would do it again, but with more planning time.