Photo courtesy of Purely Pets

A cat and a dog.

         Many of us have one or two pets, which is a big responsibility. Now, try to imagine having six. Audrey Gilyeat, 12, has five rescue cats and a rescue dog. Audrey says that in addition to the daily feedings and walks for their dog, the five cats require the same daily feedings, multiplied by five.  The pets also require regular trips to the veterinarian.

         Audrey and her family adopted her cats from Fancy Cats, a cat rescue organization.   According to Audrey, they adopted “four of them from separate trios, lost two from one trio about 4 years ago, and got the other two separately.”  When asked why they decided to adopt their pets from a rescue organization, Audrey stated, “Rescues need more help than breeders in my opinion, since they didn’t have a nice beginning.”

         Fancy Cats was founded in 1997.  According to their website, “Too many nice, healthy cats were being euthanized at the local shelter in Fairfax, Virginia simply because they did not have the capacity to keep cats past their initial hold period.”  It is one of the most well-known adoption organizations in Northern Virginia likely due to their weekly adoption events at numerous pet stores in the area. At the time of this writing, Fancy Cats has 113 cats and 7 dogs  available for adoption.

         If you are interested in adopting a cat or a dog through Fancy Cats, you can find more information at