Arguably, the biggest stressor for students is their grades. This is not different for Westfield students. As many students engage in extracurricular, work, or volunteer after school, they struggle to balance classes and life outside the classroom. Students look to make routines and establish habits to manage the workload from school. The following are some of the study routines and habits from students at Westfield.

      “I procrastinate until I am running on adrenaline and get everything done poorly,”- (11th, athlete, GPA: 3.9).

      “I usually study my notes the night before a test/quiz, and typically turn in my homework late,”- (12th, GPA: 4.0).

      “I do not really study. I guess that shows in my GPA,”- (11th, athlete, fine arts performer, club member, GPA: 3.64).

      “School-home-homework-dinner-homework-shower-bed” -(11th, athlete, GPA:4.07)

      “Read over my notes, use Quizlet, and stress while crying about school,”- (10th, club member, GPA: 4.12).     

      “No specific routine. I just make sure to read the material and pay attention in class,”- (12th, athlete, GPA: 3.8).

      “I have work for two to three hours a night. When I get home, I mostly cram and try to memorize information, but I generally study only when I have to,”- (11th, club member, GPA: 2.9).

      “Routine varies based on how worried I am about the test/homework. For AP World, I typically start that work as soon as I get home. I do the rest of my homework after dinner and make sure to study during bulldog block,”- (10th, fine arts performer, GPA: 4.3).

      “I am not sure how to study so I do not,”- (9th, athlete, GPA: 3.4).

      “I go on TikTok too much but I set timers to help me study,”- (11th, athlete, club member, GPA: 4.13).

      “I do not study often or at all. When I do, I watch tv as I am working,”- (12th, athlete, club member, GPA: 3.2).

      “I do not study at all. Senioritis has hit me hard,”- (12th, athlete, GPA: 3.1).

      Within Westfield’s diverse population, there are various methods for studying. None in which guarantee a good grade. Rather, finding a personalized routine that is catered to the individual is ultimately how to get the grade.