At the intersection of Westfields and Stonecroft Boulevards, Chris Conway, better known to the public as the dancing man, is an inspiration to many. The local celebrity puts smiles on the faces of people of all ages, whether they are coming from a long day at work with a frown, or just a bad experience at school. Conway’s smooth hip hop moves prompt many drivers to honk their horns with enthusiasm.

      Conway, 21,  has made many drivers happy as his body speaks what words cannot. Dancing since he was four, Conway attended Westfield High School and was a part of the Hip Hop dance team, doing most of the coffee house and talent shows.

      Currently Conway works as a contractor for the Mister Kleen Maintenance Company. His experience gave him the energy and courage to do more and get better.  If you have not seen him on the street, you may have seen him featured in WUSA9’s video segment and article. In the article, Jess Arnold reported that, “Conway says his daily dancing routine began as a way for him to express his passion and make people happy.”

      Even though he has faced tough times, he managed to pull through: “I always knew dancing is my passion, but the event that pushed me to the max was losing my friend in a car accident at the beginning of 2019. Knowing life was too short, made me want to do something with it.” Conway stated.

      “God is the reason for where I am right now, putting the people of Chantilly and Centreville in the light to help me grow.”  Conway was also involved in the accident, fracturing his fibula.

      “It’s truly terrible how even uplifting and happy people like Chris can be put in situations like that,” said Leo Guiterrez, 9, who frequently passes the dancer on the street. With two years of dancing in the Chantilly and Centreville area, Conway said his experience gave him the energy and courage to do more and get better.

      “Dancing is my life, and I will never stop as long as there is music.”