Photo courtesy of Common Dreams

Right after the moment of the boo, this image shows the uncomfort in Trump and the people surrounding him.

      The World Series game held at Nationals Park unquestionably gave Donald Trump a taste of his own medicine. During the game, crowds let our president know exactly what they thought of him. They hollered “boo” as soon as he came into view on the jumbotron. Trump’s face fell, but immediately he smiled again to appear unbothered. After a few seconds, a new chant started: “Lock him up! Lock him up!” That chant resembled the time his supporters previously chanted “Lock her up” at a number of his rallies, referring to his opponent Hillary Clinton. Once again, Trump and the First Lady seemed uncomfortable, as did the people surrounding them. But what did he expect? The spectators were simply exercising their freedom of speech against someone who regularly abuses the same freedom.

      Of all people, Trump undoubtedly deserved the unwelcome greeting he received. He has offended countless people not only with words, but with his actions as well.

      At a presidential debate in 2016, Fox News Host Megyn Kelly confronted Trump about all the women he called pigs, animals and other offensive names. He then claimed it was only one person but she corrected him, telling him it was more. He then responded with a smug, “I am sure it was.” He was clearly not ashamed of the way he disrespects women. In addition, the president called former First Lady Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary.” Also, according to the news website USA Today, Trump called actress Rossie O’Donnell a “big fat pig,” “a real loser,” and “my nice fat little Rosie.” He has even bashed military heroes like the late Senator John McCain.

      Of all the atrocious things Trump has said, the worst was making fun of a disabled reporter named Serge Kovaleski, who has a health condition called arthrogryposis; the reporter suffers with disfigured joints in the hands. At a campaign rally in 2016, Trump mocked Kovaleski by holding up his hands in a claw-like manner. He later justified his hurtful actions by saying he “mocks everyone like that” and “didn’t know he was disabled.” More likely, Trump was seeking revenge for Kovaleski’s negative reporting.

      Trump has offended so many people that The New York Times published an ongoing article containing, so far, the 598 he has insulted on Twitter. That number only includes the people he has insulted on Twitter since becoming president. Imagine how many people he hurt before his presidency and off social media.

      Trump’s disgusting gutter talk predates his political career. Some 20 years ago, he fantasized about sleeping with Princess Diana on a radio show. He joked about it again on air after she died in a terrible car accident.

      Not only has Trump aggrieved many people with his words, he has also wounded people through his actions. For example, he passed policies that dehumanize immigrants, even though he had enabled the chain migration of his immigrant wife, Melania, and her parents.

      In the process of them achieving citizenship, Trump ironically tweeted, “CHAIN MIGRATION must end now! Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE!”

      When these “truly evil” immigrants bring their whole family, they come for a better life. Trump’s inhumane laws allow Immagration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to separate those innocent families, detaining them at the border and housing them in cages. Several children have even died in custody. Moreover, Trump has also banned the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from hundreds of thousands of immigrants. TPS is a rescue program which allows immigrants from forgein countries to stay in the US if something dangerous was averting them from going back. Trump’s ban leaves immigrants at risk of being sent back to unsafe conditions.

      Some people have found fault with the treatment Trump received at the World Series. They would rather follow Michelle Obama’s thinking: “When they go low, we go high.”

      Political comedian, Tim Young, argued that such actions could bolster Trump’s support: “World Series Game 5 proved that the left is handing Trump the 2020 election.”

      Young elaborated, “Democrats are behaving like spoiled children ever since we lost the 2016 election.”

      Joe Scarborough, News commentator, declared, “We are Americans and…we do not want the world hearing us chant ‘Lock him up’ to this president or any president.”

      No matter who the person is, even if they are a president, they need to gain respect, and if Trump gave reason to receive it, the “boo” would not have occurred. We are all humans and people like Trump who refer to humans as if they were animals do not deserve respect at all.

      Additionally, the “boo” Trump received at The World Series Game was appropriate given the First Amendment.

      The president doesn’t show respect to countless amounts of people. Why should we respect him?