Photo courtesy of The White House

Joe Biden.

          “I Joseph Robinette Biden Jr do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States…so help me God.”  As these famous words of the presidential swearing-in were spoken, applause erupted from family and friends, celebrating Joseph Biden as the forty-sixth president of the United States. Shortly after his inauguration, the new Commander in Chief confronted issues of the COVID pandemic, environment, and immigration by signing new executive orders. Biden signed 40 executive orders within his first nine days of office.

          While many are excited about the new Biden administration agenda, many are also skeptical about the new presidents past and what the next four years will hold.

          Biden started off his Presidential journey by rejoining the Paris Agreement, a worldwide structure for limiting global warming and climate change. When the Trump administration was active, the United States had been removed from this agreement, making it even more important to rejoin- considering climate change has continued to worsen.

          Biden has always been a supporter of the environment in legislation, beginning with his role in the Senate as a co-sponsor for the first climate change bill in 1986. The bill was a catalyst for launching a climate change task force to strategically reverse global climate change by limiting net emissions, reducing gas usage, and improving conservation.

          In response to the rising cases in relation to the COVID virus pandemic, Biden put in an executive order for a mask mandate, ordering all people within federal facilities to wear masks at all times in order to protect workers. While the pandemic has lasted for about 11 months now, this is the first act of our government to absolutely require that workers wear masks at all times. 

          Within the Trump administration, hard work was poured into the creation of a wall along the Mexico- US border.  However, that work was cut off within the first twenty-four hours of Biden’s presidency by stopping emergency construction and redirecting funds away from the building of the wall, leaving construction paused but still under contract. Wall construction originally had a $15 billion budget, but it is now unclear where those funds will go. Will they be distributed to other government projects or used for further improvements? 

          “Biden ordered answers within two months on how much the government committed, how much it would cost to extricate itself and whether contracts could be repurposed for other uses.” says Action News. 

          “We are optimistic on Biden prioritizing immigration… people have been waiting for a solution for decades,” states Reyna Montoya, founder, and CEO of Aliento, a company dedicated to benefitting immigrants in America. Biden’s plan for immigration in the country begins with a US Citizenship Act to fix matters of employment and arriving immigrants.

          While many people, both politicians, and citizens,  largely support these new actions of the new President, there is also a large section of the American population who remains skeptical of the Biden Administration.

          Though the environment is a top priority for many, other departments such as the economy maintain a constant stressor on people’s minds. Especially with the pandemic, many people stress whether or not their jobs are safe or even returning. 

          Many see the focus on rejoining the Paris Agreement as a way to hold off the issue of the American economy and the worries of thousands of jobless citizens in the time of the COVID pandemic. It is seen as pushing aside these important issues, possibly because there are not yet any answers. 

          With the Trump administration, there was a large group of supporters who backed up the idea of a wall in order to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. Many saw this as a way to protect the jobs of the United States and keep the country safe from higher crime as well. 

          As the emergency construction for the wall was shut down, people’s dreams of what the wall would provide were quickly ended as well. 

          Needless to say that the quick action of the Biden administration was acted upon to better our country and begin the rebuilding process, many see it as quite the opposite. Though many see this time as a time for greater opportunity and dreams, many see it as a time in which their own dreams are coming to an end. 

          As Joseph R. Biden signs the last of his first-day executive orders, camera shutters click, flashes go off, and loud clapping begins all throughout the room. Starting now the rebuilding process begins for many, for others, it is quite the opposite.