In an early scene of the popular movie Knives Out, released last November, a sneaky trust-fund heir switches his grandfather’s medications with the hope of killing him and framing his caretaker. In another scene, the family members bicker over their grandpa’s fortune. Marta Cabrera mainly took care of Grandpa Harlan, a famous writer of mystery novels. She is a great nurse and caretaker for him. She never intends on causing him harm. But one night, as part of their nightly routine, they enjoy a game of “Go” to help him go to sleep. She is giving him his daily dosage of medical drugs when she realizes that she gave him the wrong dosage of the wrong drug. 

      With Harlan’s life in danger, Marta looks for the emergency drug that’s nowhere to be found. She panics, knowing that Harlan can only survive about six minutes with this drug in his system. He decides to sacrifice himself for Marta so that she won’t be accused of  killing  him.  Before stabbing himself, the renowned book writer gives Marta a set of instructions so she can be scratched off  the list of suspects. 

      As one might expect, this frenetic series of events triggers  a lengthy investigation with plenty of twists and turns. A lot of the family’s dirty laundry gets aired, some of it humorous, some of it absurd, and much of it  not entirely different from the tensions and petty grievances found in any family. 

      Detective Blanc comes onto the scene to interview each Thronbey. With each member telling their story, one member stands out as  the family’s black sheep– a shady guy named Ransom. That same night Ransom and his grandfather had a falling out,  arguing about Harlan’s will since Harlan decided to give basically everything in his will to Marta and none to his blood relatives. This enraged Ransom, but there is more to this crazy story than anyone could expect. 

      The mystery is told in storytelling and flashbacks that pack plenty of surprises and ridiculous moments, reminding the viewer that this is not just a puzzle to be solved but a playful spoof on murder mysteries..

      Considering the movie is two hours and ten minutes long, the story unfolds at a steady pace so the person watching can pick who they think killed Harlan through the evolving  evidence. This way of storytelling is great especially since it helps you understand all the twists and turns throughout the movie and keeps people with a considerably bad attention span like myself engaged. The movie had a great plot which at times might have seemed to stray away from the main problem, but it always found a way to link back to the main plot line, shedding light on why that piece of information was crucial to unraveling the mystery.  The viewer is intrigued to find that  possibilities seemingly implausible at first do, in fact, become weirdly plausible. I would rate this movie eight out of ten because personally, this isn’t my type of movie, but the plot immerses you no matter what genre of movies you may like most.