Photo courtesy of Politica

President Trump addressing journalists about Iran situation

     American citizens tuned in to national television stations on January 3, 2020 to hear the shocking news that President Trump had decided to assassinate the general of Iran, Qassem Solemani, who had been killed in Baghdad, Iraq. Listeners were stunned to learn about the recent event in Iran, especially given the fragile history between Iran and the United States.

     For decades America and Iran have been in a constant battle with each other. The most prominent conflict was the hostage crisis in Iran. In 1979, fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were taken hostage by Iranian officials. This event sparked a long and deep hatred between Iran and the United States which, despite laying low, has reemerged recently. These events are what caused the President to make an important decision for the country. President Trump’s decision to assassinate Solemani was a correct and strategic move aimed to protect our country, and exhibit the strength of the United States to other world powers.

     The move by Mr.Trump to assassinate this major Iranian general was a well thought out one to protect the United States and its citizens. The news of the death of the highly respected official sparked criticism by many since that was perceived as a spur of the moment decision which had great potential to endanger our country. However, recent news reports confirm that the assassination plan was actually conceived long before.

     “President Donald Trump authorized the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani seven months ago if Iran’s increased aggression resulted in the death of an American,” said NBC News. The popular news outlet went on to account the death of a United States contractor and the wounding of four U.S service members by Iranians.

     “Some parents tell their kids to hide from bullies, while other parents tell their kids to stand up to the bully,” said Jason Sachlis, world history teacher, affirming the President’s bold move.

     This evidence helps to support that fact that the assination of Solemani was properly thought out, and strategic move to protect the United States.

     President Trump’s decision to assassinate the Iranian military general also exhibited the strength of the United States to other threatening world powers, such as Russia and North Korea.

     “Our great American forces are prepared for anything” President Trump has repeatedly said. Nations such as Russia and North Korea continue to grow in power, and the mortal drone strike delivered to Solemani by the United States was a way to display power to these increasingly aggressive nations.

           Nicloe Robers, 10, states, “I think the U.S is very powerful, even more, powerful after the recent events between America and Iran.”

     History explicitly shows examples of what happens when corrupt power grows too large. Some examples include Julius Caesar in Rome, Emilio Aguinaldo from the Philippines, and Hitler and the Holocaust. These rulers slowly gained power, then quickly left their disastrous mark on world history. President Trump made this decision in order to remove the chance that Solemani, Iranian military general would similarly grow too powerful.

     Some people would argue that by assassinating Solemani, the President has put our country in a type of danger that could rapidly escalate into a worse circumstance, such as a war. However, this is not the case because of how thought out his plan was. Because of this assassination, there is now a lesser threat of Iran influencing the U.S, not to mention, Iran is now dealing with inside conflicts that take the focus away from the U.S.

     “Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world,” expounded President Trump.

     The directed assassination of Solemani, the former Iranian leader, by President Trump was a properly thought out plan to provide safety for the United States and exhibit the strength of the United States to other nations. Based on past events between Iran and America, these recent events helped to solidify the power of the United States, lessen the chances of further conflict between Iran and the U.S, and secure the safety of United States citizens.